Kirsty Burgoine

Welcome to my personal blog. I am a web designer and developer living in Shropshire.

As I go through life I document it. I often see things I like and like to make a note of them. This is an area for me to share the bits I think others may be interested in! ~ grin!


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River is looking very high at the moment! (Taken with Instagram)

Not sure where that’s planning to land … There’s houses that way! (Taken with instagram)

#shropgeek in action (some other people) (Taken with instagram)

#shropgeek in action :) (Taken with instagram)

The Ironbridge bridge :) (Taken with instagram)

A stack of @netmag ‘s have transformed Shaun the Sheep into Darth Vader! ~ grin! (Taken with instagram)

Woodsmans hut (Taken with instagram)

Chirk Castle (Taken with instagram)

Servants moto (Taken with instagram)

Servants quarters (Taken with instagram)

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